Elixir - LEED

Is your product LEED certified? The USGBC doesn’t certify or endorse products. Building product manufacturers become flustered by the complicated requirements for LEED certification. Elixir Environmental can help you create LEED Product Documentation so that your product can get specified.

Contributing to LEED

USGBC MemberBuilding product manufacturers can help contribute several points to LEED projects. LEED sets performance-based requirements. LEED professionals identify products that have the desired attributes for their buildings. Some LEED credits mandate that certain limits or minimums be met. Other LEED credits necessitate gathering specific product data into a spreadsheet in order to calculate the aggregate environmental or health value of a set of products. LEED documentation ensures product manufacturers have the tools to get specified on LEED projects.

Elixir Environmental helps product manufacturers with:

  • Manage LEED documentation project
  • Technical review of existing LEED language
  • Create credit by credit list of product contributions
  • Input data into mindful MATERIALS

Elixir Environmental can help product manufacturers navigate the complexities of LEED and avoid greenwashing claims. Building product manufacturers can offer their LEED documentation on their website, brochures, and make it available to all of their product reps. ▪