LEED Continuing Education Course

USGBC Education PartnerDoes your online AIA course have low participation rates? Do your product reps keep delivering the same old stale AIA lunch and learn presentations to AEC firms? Imagine if your product reps had access to an exclusive education course that increased your specification opportunities, built name recognition for your products, and overpowered your competitors. Our team has developed hundreds of AIA continuing education courses and created a system to help you succeed.

By creating a continuing education course with Elixir Environmental your product reps will be able to:

  • Increase product specification opportunities through innovative education courses
  • Utilize state-of-the-art video, audio, effects, and music to engage decision makers
  • Generate 300+ leads per month with an online LEED Specific Hour course
  • Deliver effective AIA face-to-face and webinar presentations using leading-edge strategies
  • Integrate LEED, HPDs, EPDs, and other sustainable benefits into your presentations

How Can Elixir Environmental Help Me Develop An Education Course?

The Elixir Environmental can help your team develop face-to-face lunch and learns, online CE courses, and webinars. We develop professional courses that describe the benefits and applications for your products. Elixir Environmental assists manufacturers with the following:

  • Manage the course development process from beginning to end
  • Develop powerful learning objectives and compelling course descriptions
  • Achieve mandatory requirements for AIA, GBCI (LEED), IDCEC, and WELL registration
  • Work with your team to develop an engaging narrative and flow for the course
  • Create case studies to integrate into the course to showcase your product’s benefits
  • Edit video footage, photographs, voice over, music and effects into a captivating course
  • Incorporate sustainability slides into the course about LEED, WELL, LBC, HPDs, & EPDs
  • Assist with submission process and recommend online platform providers

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A CE Course?

Our cost-effective course development process takes into account a manufacturer’s goals, timeline, and budget. All CE courses are custom tailored to meet your needs. Prices vary according to each individual project and requirements for the various professional organizations such as AIA, GBCI, IDCEC, WELL, and others. Below are approximate costs for our three major course programs for online, webinar, and face-to-face presentations.

AIA HSW Course

Cost: $4995
Leads: 100+ monthly for an online course
An AIA HSW education course should be the bare minimum that a product manufacturer develops. AIA HSW courses allow product reps to deliver presentations to AEC firms and at live events. Typical attendance for an online AIA HSW course is 100+ participants per month depending on the platform used. AIA HSW courses offer a ticket at the table with decision makers and a good entry level course for manufacturers.

GBCI General Hour Course For LEED AP’s and Green Associates

Cost: $6500
Leads: 150+ monthly for online course
Do you want to get your products specified on LEED projects? A GBCI General Hour course is developed by the Elixir Environmental team to get you in front of decision makers for LEED certified buildings. Each course is developed to meet both AIA HSW and GBCI requirements for LEED professionals. GBCI General Hour courses describe how your products contribute to sustainable design. Your product reps don’t need to be LEED experts. Let our team develop a GBCI General Hour course to increase your LEED specification opportunities.

LEED Specific Hour Course For LEED AP’s and Green Associates

Cost: $8500
Leads: 300+ monthly for online course
Would you like an online CE course that produces 300 or more leads per month? How would you like to offer one of the only LEED Specific Hour courses by a manufacturer in the entire AEC industry? The LEED Specific Hour course is the gold standard of CE courses and generates the highest participation rates of any course in the construction industry. LEED Specific Hours are mandatory for LEED AP’s and LEED Green Associates. LEED professionals have to buy them from the USGBC or attend Greenbuild to obtain them. However, a few exclusive manufacturers have worked with our team to develop these in-demand courses and generate significant leads, build brand awareness, and crush the competition. LEED Specific Hour courses are the #1 courses for industry leaders.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Elixir Environmental To Develop My Education Course?

Many times, it makes sense for a building product manufacturer to hire a third-party consultant to create their CE course. Why should a building product manufacturer hire Spec Shaman for CE course development? Manufacturers may hire Elixir Environmental because they:

  • Don’t have trained educational specialists, graphic designers, and video editors
  • Have a tight deadline and don’t have the resources to complete the project on time
  • Want to ensure they achieve mandatory AIA, GBCI, IDCEC, and other requirements
  • Don’t have LEED expertise to create slides about LEED credits, points, and strategies

Does My Company Need To Become An AIA Education Provider?

YES. The AIA requires that all building product manufacturers must be their own AIA Education Provider. AIA Education Providers can deliver their registered course via face-to-face presentations, webinars, and online courses. Product manufacturers are responsible for reporting CE hours to the AIA, sending certificates of completion, and offering customer support for design professionals. Elixir Environmental can recommend online platform providers that can assist manufacturers with these administrative responsibilities.

Does My Company Need To Become A USGBC Education Provider?

NO. The USGBC and GBCI do not require that a product manufacturer become a USGBC Education Provider. Manufacturers have the option to register their CE courses with the GBCI individually for a fee. There are many benefits to becoming a USGBC Education Provider, however this is not mandatory and manufacturers with limited budgets or different goals can opt to register their CE courses independently. Product manufacturers are responsible for reporting CE hours to the GBCI, sending certificates of completion, and offering customer support for design professionals. ▪

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